Our team can provide all of the services necessary to complete excavating services for most types of properties. We offer Napa  grading services to ensure the surface is flat, level, and free of debris. Our footing services are crucial to laying the foundation and ensuring that the property will be the exact size in accordance with blueprints or other plans. Trenching is an underground excavation process that we use to create the space for integral support systems that will ensure the integrity of the property. Eakle Development is here to assist with any project that might come our way.

First, when it comes to time to take on excavating services, you might also need to schedule demolition on or around your property. Once we have gathered the correct information, our team will inspect your home or business and determine the best course of action for completing demolition work. We ensure your project is safely completed. We pride ourselves on being able to complete demolitions in a timely and efficient manner. Eakle Development will prepare your property for Napa grading projects.


When it comes to preparing a property for excavating services, the soil can often present its own set of challenges. Our team evaluates the condition of the ground on your property for upcoming construction. If it isn’t, we can complete soil stabilization to alter the soil. Likewise, we ensure that it will support your home or business construction. Finally, we pride ourselves on being able to stabilize soil without interfering with the surrounding areas.

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